Virtual Sun Games is the home of my personal indie game projects.  Some of my games are re-envisionings of classic arcade games, some of them are completely original titles, but I intend for them all to be fun. Eventually, each game will have a free demo and more information, but for now, this site is mostly still under construction. 


Experience classic Missile Command action with  real-time strategy elements in this fiendishly addictive sequel.  Build, develop and protect your city from air and ground attacks.

Full version coming soon.

Fun, 360-degree scrolling space combat in the tradition of Time Pilot and Asteroids.  You'll only need one button to steer your ship, blast your enemies and make your way home. 

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 My largest game yet!  Intense Robotron-style action combined with a gripping storyline.   

In the year 2084, mankind is confronted by a malevolent race of robots, and only the Resistance can stop them.  But are the robots all that they appear to be?   And what secrets is the Resistance hiding?  


Coming Someday


A unique new adventure game.  Compelling gameplay combines traditional point-and-click puzzle solving with crafting and exploration.

As the new owner of an ancient wizard's tower, you'll create potions, explore dangerous areas and collect ingredients to further your quest to create the Elixir of immortality.

Coming Someday


Witches' Brew is a devious side-scrolling stealth adventure in which you play the villain!  Lure the children with candies, hide from the townfolk, and gather the ingredients you need to finish the brew and corrupt the town.  Cast spells to bring inanimate objects to your aid.  Fly your broom across rooftops, and sneak into houses at night!

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